I’ve had the privilege of tattooing professionally for over 15 years now!!

My professional career started in the small town of Brainerd, MN and now has carried me into the Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN area.

Five years ago I had the privilege of opening my own studio, Lady Liberty Tattoo in Saint Paul Park, MN.

My goal is to provide you with the best tattoo that not only you and I are both proud of, but one that, when people see it, they will want to stop and admire it and ask you about it.

I strive to produce bold, strong and vivid color work and soft, smooth black and grey work.

I put you first in the process.  I will respect your time and the reason you’re coming to me.  I will strive to do the best possible tattoo for you.  I will also try to exceed your expectations when it comes to designing and executing your tattoo.  After all, you and thousands of others have to see that tattoo twenty years from now!!  I want it to look good now, and then!!