Q: How do I set up an appointment with you?
A: What has been working great for me lately due to being booked out months at a time is to contact me with your inquiry by completing the form on my Contact page. Here we’ll cover as many of the pertinent details as possible. This typically helps me estimate how many appointments we’ll need. We’ll then schedule the estimated appointments, secured with a deposit. Then, a week or two prior to our first appointment, we’ll then meet in person for a quick consultation to touch base and cover any final or new details.
This process allows for your tattoo to be revisited and for me to get inspired for it much closer to when we begin rather than months before.

Q: Can you give me a quote for my tattoo?
A: There are many variables that go into how much a tattoo will actually cost such as the size of the tattoo, the amount of detail in the tattoo, whether it’s color or black & grey, body placement, how well the skin reacts to being tattooed (swelling, bleeding, etc.) and how well a person can sit through being tattooed.
These variables make accurately quoting a tattoo difficult sometimes which is why I give “guesstimates” when asked.

Q: When can I see the drawing?
A: The day of your appointment. Why? There are a few reasons.
1. I typically don’t draw for most of my appointments until the morning of. Sometimes I’m up at 6 a.m. the day of drawing for your tattoo, other times I’m drawing only a couple of hours prior to our appointment. This has been a system that’s worked well for me for over a decade. This allows your artwork to be the most recent thing I’m thinking about, not something I drew a week ago and need to find inspiration for again.
2. It never fails, when someone sees their drawing prior, they want everyone’s input on it, mom, grandma, bff, the third cousin who “tat’s” out of their bedroom, etc., usually causing more confusion and second guessing for the client than is necessary, limiting any input/explanation from the professional artist that they hired to create their tattoo. I’d rather show you in person, the day of, and let your first impression (whether you love or hate the drawing) be the deciding factor.
3. Many times the line drawings that I do look more like a topographical map of a the Andes Mountains than the what the final product will look like, making it very confusing or even weird looking. The many hundred marks, dashes, crosshatching, strange shapes, etc. are all a “roadmap” for me to follow and indicate certain things for me to accomplish a good end product.

Q: What is the deposit for?
A: Most everybody wants a tattoo, few are serious about getting a tattoo and a deposit separates those who are serious, from those who aren’t.
When a client books hours and days on my schedule, the deposit is a commitment to not only that time, but also the many hours that I put into designing your custom tattoo.
I can’t count how many times I’ve seen appointments scheduled with no deposit and the person never shows up.

Q: Does the deposit go towards the cost of my tattoo?
A: I deduct half of the deposit from the total cost of the last session of a tattoo. The other half covers my draw/design time.

Q: Can I bring all of my family and friends with me to my tattoo appointment?
A: Maybe choose your favorite one person and let them accompany you. Too many people tend to make for a potentially over stimulated and distracting experience. Not to mention, everyone will be tempted to tell you where and how the tattoo will look the best for you.

Q: Can you fix my old tattoo?
A: Maybe, but I’d much rather stick to doing new work as that is where you’ll get my best results.
If a tattoo requires “fixing”, then it usually means you aren’t happy with it and that it probably doesn’t look very good. This makes ensuring that I can change those things pretty tricky and I’d rather not lend to doing something that leaves you still not 100% satisfied.
I might however direct you to the option of laser treatment by https://falleninktattooremoval.com/. Usually just enough laser treatment to lighten the old tattoo is enough to open the doors for more options for you.

Q: Do you do coverups?
A: See above.